The Auberge du Cheval Blanc is located 1 hour and 30 minutes from Paris, in the Centre-Loire region

Your hotel is an ideal starting point for discovering the preserved nature and the rich heritage of the Sologne region

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With Orléans and Blois just half an hour away by car, numerous and diverse magnificent castles are waiting for you. Nearby, the 17th-century Château de Saint-Aubin has nothing to envy to the famous Chambord, located 30 km away, just like the 16th-century Château de Sully-sur-Loire, situated 46 km away.

With its vast wooded areas, heaths, and ponds, the Sologne region is an invitation to a change of scenery. A land of hunting and gastronomy, it reveals remarkable wildlife and flora that can be discovered on foot or by bike, along numerous marked hiking trails, some of which start from Yvoy-le-Marron.

A land of hunting and gastronomy, it also boasts remarkable flora and fauna that can be explored on foot or by bike, along the many signposted footpaths, some of which leave from Yvoy-le-Marron.

During your walks, you will admire picturesque villages adorned with red bricks, such as Chaumont-sur-Tharonne, Souvigny-en-Sologne, or La Ferté-Beauharnais with its superb half-timbered buildings.

For an original discovery of our beautiful landscapes, let yourself be tempted by the unique experience of a hot air balloon ride or by the magic of deer rutting, which can be heard between late September and October. For enthusiasts, our partner Jean-Philippe Bourgneuf offers the organization of hunting days, do not hesitate to contact him:

Also, in the surroundings of Yvoy-le-Marron, you will find the House of the Deer 8 km away, the House of the Ponds in Saint-Viâtre 15 km away, as well as numerous golf courses: the Aisses Golf Club, the Sologne Golf, the Limère Golf, as well as those of Lailly-en-Val, Sully-sur-Loire, Marcilly, and La Ferté-Saint-Aubin.

Finally, the region is rich in events of all kinds, which are all good reasons to come and visit us: in Lamotte-Beuvron, the French Equestrian Championships and the Game Fair, the largest hunting fair in June; the big braderie (street market) of Chambord on May 1st, or the Ball Trap competitions in Courgenou and La Ferté-Saint-Aubin...

image Sully-sur-Loire Castle

Sully-sur-Loire Castle

46 kilometers away from the hotel

image Chambord Castle

Chambord Castle

30 km from the hotel

image Trappe à balles Courgenou

Trappe à balles Courgenou

2 Ball-traps Courgenou, Le Rabot less than 10 km away

image Golf des Aisses

Golf des Aisses

image Ball trap Le Rabot

Ball trap Le Rabot

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